Gabriela Vasic / international visual artist

I am an independent, self employed visual artist interested in socially generated art production.

Short  narrative CV

Gabriela Vasic is a cultural and youth worker with the status of an independent, self-employed artist since 1993, achieved Master Degree in painting 1998.

Since 1995 a member of ULUS (Serbian Association of visual artists).

Since 2002 member of the “Collective” art association

Founder and Director of the Association of Citizens “CODE” since 2006 in which she designs, organizes and manages programs of informal education of young people, leading human resources, public relations, project management and fund raising. She deals with the curatorial work, writing art and educational programs and reviews and art critiques.

Art director, program editor and curator of  “Gallery ALT” which acts as a program of Association “CODE”. Director of a civil association CODE.

Since 2007 till 2009 works as art editor, and curator of the Cultural Center Grocka.


2011 Training Course Youth in Action, organized by “Let’s …!”

2010 Training course on social entrepreneurship, organized by the British Council.

2010 Training course “On Belgrade,” BOS.

2007 “Performance Workshop”, the head artist Ulay, organizer Contemporary Museum Rijeka, Cultural centre Palah MMC, Rijeka.

1997-2000 Several courses in theatrical performances.

2004 The basic lighting design course, “Music and Multimedia Institute”, Belgrade

1990/2000 Culture and Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, organized by the “Alternative Academic Educational Network,” Belgrade.

1998 Diploma of postgraduate studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade.

1989/1994 Undergraduate degrees at the Faculty of Fine Arts, painting department, University of Arts, Belgrade, 10 from the main drawing and painting subjects, 9.41 average studies.

1998 A Master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade with the theme “Using non-standard materials in art painting,” Master of the exhibition “Transparent Horizons”, a spatial installation of PVC, Gallery of the Belgrade Youth.


I am experienced as a free lance curator who designs and implements projects of contemporary art practices, working both for the civil sector and in collaboration with state institutions and individuals. I produced and implemented over 60 curatorial projects of contemporary arts and design. I write art critiques and texts related to the exhibiting artists. I design annual gallery program for the nonprofit oriented Gallery ALT, Belgrade. I work both as a gallery editor, gallery curator and art director.

I am a skilled art methodologist who designs and implements art/craft youth projects.


I designed and organized: 17 solo exhibitions, 10 accredited programs of non-formal education of young people, several actions in public space, 6 performance, 7 videos, participated in over 70 group exhibitions at home and abroad. I exhibited in Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Moldova, Bulgaria, France, Austria, Canada.

I founded and run visual studio “Linea” for almost 10 years (1996/2005). I founded NGO “Smartie”, now CODE, Gallery ALT and CODE Educational Creative Studio. I have over 20 years of informal art education.

My works of art are part of several art collections in the country and abroad, I got two art awards and two state grants during the primary studies (Ministry of Education and the Republican Foundation for Scientific and Artistic Development). I published a book with interviews of international visual artists, named “Status” (2004/2008).

Detailed CV can be delivered upon request.

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