Statement English


Gabriela Vasic

My art practice is a kind of visual social critique and it questions relations between cultural context, authorities (set by media imaginary, for exp.) and subjectivity. I research different aspects of culture related identities in technological environment, visible in public space. Throughout my art works I produced acts of integration, positioning or questioning of one’s identity. Using existing objects, tautologies or quotes, texts or visual appropriations and replications, I intend to provoke new reflections upon existing social or cultural stereotypes. Occupying official exhibition and public space, or experimental, nomadic and site-specific places, I often build improvised actions or choreographed movements which acts like parallel realities (imagined identities) between constructed narratives and documentaries. My projects foster interactivity and audience participation in art production. The great deal of my art projects are done in some aspects of relational aesthetics and visual anthropology. Being interested in group identities, cultural codes and common imaginary of globalized societies, I explore modes of collaboration within an art system and I set artificial environment for collective art production, workshops and participation performances, installations or events. Means of my artistic expression are: communication, workshops, installations, copies, objects, drawing, photography, prints, painting, performance, video, text, graphic design, social media networks.

My previous artistic work deals with issues of art and art production systems and cultural policies in transitional society; a relationship between  media and individuality; alternative economic networks; collective imagery; position of youth and collective authorship. My recent works of art explore a matrix of communication and subculture practices of young people in public spaces, related subjectivity and technological environment.

All rights reserved, Gabriela Vasic 2012

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