This is the newest Gabriela Vasic art portfolio which is currently in construction.

Gabriela Vasic is a visual artist from Serbia who investigates socially generated arts.

My first professional experience in visual arts was when I was 18 years old, while visiting artists’ must location> Paris. I met a bunch of artistic nomads from UK and Germany and I got their support to make chalk drawings, so I bought post cards in Louvre and started copying classics of fine arts> Leonardo and Michelangelo. In just two sessions in front of famous Museum I earned enough money to buy red cowboy boots I liked very much but couldn’t afford at the moment. Since than, I almost didn’t participate on art market and during first years of fine art studies in Belgrade, I quit idea of selling art works or producing art comoditiesd. Instead, I developed very critical and independent art practice and different art related skills that provide me independency and creative endavours. I’ve been teaching drawing and painting and runing other educational programs for kids and youth more than 20 years by now. Nowadays, I am an art galleriest and a director of a non profit ngo CODE, I arrange and design different art educational or promotional programs. I still live in Belgrade, Serbia. I am a mother of two immature kids.

Living at art unfriendly environment, I developed bunch of different skills to survive severe times. I find that my art is very deeply socially related and I feel that the place I live at is mandatory to my art practice. I could have felt sorry I never had a chance to make some huge and expencive art project. But I am fine with beleife that even modest and unexpencive art production can reache people’s soul and that’s messages that I send count!

My main characteristic is I like to learn new things, meet different people and share knowledge. My main gift is I easily get in touch with people’s souls, I can read people’s mind, or detect other people’s gifts and I find means to improve them. That’s why I probably can “read” and write art reviews and art critics. I like to give frame to peoples’ creativity and to find purpose of someones’ potentials and to make bonds and networks among different people. I am a master in inventing creative solutions for existing problems and I find I am very gifted art methodologist and art teacher. Since 2008 I designed 10 educational programs in which participated over 500 young people. My wish is to continue working with gifted people and to establish a center for support of female creativity supported by sustainable organic garden at my proprety at Actors’ hill, in the village area (a map Glumcevo brdo), Barajevo.

If you wish to contribute, don’t hesitate to join my ideas and projects!


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