Gabriela Vasic is a visual artist from Serbia who investigates socially generated arts.

Brief intro

My first professional experience in visual arts was when I was 18 years old, still undergraduate student of high school. While visiting artists’ must location, Paris, I met a bunch of artistic nomads from UK and Germany and I got their support to make chalk drawings, so I bought post cards in Louvre and started copying classics of fine arts: Leonardo and Michelangelo. In just two sessions in front of famous Museum I earned enough money to buy red cowboy boots I liked very much but couldn’t afford at the moment. Since than, I participate few times on art market but instead, I played on that role in my art. I quit idea of selling art works or producing art commodity in order to develop critical and independent art practice. My main aspiration was to gain independence in my creative endeavors. I’ve been teaching drawing and painting and running other educational programs for kids and youth. I’ve been an art editor, curator and a director of a non profit NGO. I arranged and designed different art educational or promotional programs. I live in Belgrade, Serbia. I am a mother of two immature kids.

Since I realized that people are my main material, I inverted my youth hobby into personal business, and my profession as a visual artist, became something I’ve been doing as a hobby, from love. Nowadays I am a professional massage therapies and healer. also I am consultant on losing weight and body exercises. For more info, you may visit my Art massage blog. 


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